The English Riviera is one of the most beautiful coastal areas in the UK.

It attracts people of all ages year round with its breathtaking sea views and natural beauty.

Away from the coast the softly rolling hill sides of Devon hides pretty market towns, two national parks and one of the few counties in the United Kingdom to have two coastlines.

As well as the beautiful coastal environment there are excellent sporting and leisure opportunities, shopping centres and communication links. These are just some of the reasons why people fall in the love with the area.

Torquay is a friendly and captivating place to call home, surrounded by a stunning coastline and tranquil waters. It was the Victorian visitors who first used the English Riviera to describe the resort and left behind a legacy of Italianate villas, many of which remain intact providing gracious residences. Residential choices are endless, from elegant period homes through fine marine properties, family houses of various sizes and styles and apartments perfect for second homes - your dream of living by the sea can come true.

Torquay on a map