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Being an Estate Agent may start with property, but that is only the beginning, we are passionate about property and our aim is to provide a level of service beyond expectations. Under John's watchful eye, we have become one of the leading Estate Agents in the South West, our reputation allowing us to open the doors of many of the areas finest homes.

Completely independent we offer a personal and bespoke marketing solution, our professional approach helping you in every step of the way, making moving home a seamless experience, understanding that buying or selling a property is one of the most important decisions you will make. We offer objective, qualified advice and operate to the highest standards we can seek - beginning with ourselves.

We are creative, innovative and people oriented, a talented and experienced team of people, our years of combined experience in estate agency frightening in its length, refreshing it is attitude to always go that extra mile. We are always available to handle any enquiry with total professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Technology today enables us to ensure the properties we are selling reach every part of the country and indeed the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but as wonderful as technology can be we are determined never to loose the human touch. Through our link with Mayfair Office, a London based specialist marketing office, we benefit from a strong network of more than 450 associated offices worldwide, keeping us at the forefront of estate agency across the globe.

All of the team live in Torquay, our office has been located in Wellswood since we started business. This enables us to have an extensive and in depth knowledge of our local and surrounding areas, our insight invaluable to you, sharing our experience of a seaside lifestyle in one of the UK's most beautiful coastal areas.

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John Couch

A Friend in the business


Those of us who have been connected to the property market for many years will have seen a number of ups and downs. But I am quite sure we will all look back at this pre-Brexit period as being the most demanding.


This prolonged period of uncertainty, despite some underlying positives in the economy, has brought market activity to seemingly low levels for many buyers and sellers.


Buyers complain that there is nothing on the market. Sellers complain that there are no buyers. It's understandable why they should do so. But both sets are wrong. There are in fact excellent properties on the market and there are certainly enough buyers. It's just that there aren't as many as we have all become used to over the past half-decade. Nor are some buyers and sellers quite as realistic as they could and should be in these testing times.


Waiting for Brexit to be over is certainly deterring some movers. But how will doing nothing help? The market is unlikely to shake off its torpor quickly after 29th March 2019. The effects of Brexit will, no doubt, linger on until some stability and acceptance has returned. But some people can't wait a year or two for something to happen before they move. Nor should they.


By and large, governments and politics do not determine the property market. People do. So our advice, as ever, is to do what is right for you and your family in the near-to-middle term and not try to anticipate the market too much - especially in these uncertain times. We are in a period without precedence. But the two handmaidens of a successful sale - good presentation and accurate pricing - still apply. Get those two things right and the market will love your property and you will have moved out quicker than you can say Michel Barnier.


Over the years we have moved thousands of people in all sorts of personal circumstances - many of them happy but some of them not so. But every single one of those moves was important. Call us about your house move. You will then find out what having a friend in the business really means. You see, good estate agency isn't about economics or politics. It isn't even all about property. But it is all about people.

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