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Being an Estate Agent may start with property, but that is only the beginning, we are passionate about property and our aim is to provide a level of service beyond expectations. Under John's watchful eye, we have become one of the leading Estate Agents in the South West, our reputation allowing us to open the doors of many of the areas finest homes.

Completely independent we offer a personal and bespoke marketing solution, our professional approach helping you in every step of the way, making moving home a seamless experience, understanding that buying or selling a property is one of the most important decisions you will make. We offer objective, qualified advice and operate to the highest standards we can seek - beginning with ourselves.

We are creative, innovative and people oriented, a talented and experienced team of people, our years of combined experience in estate agency frightening in its length, refreshing it is attitude to always go that extra mile. We are always available to handle any enquiry with total professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Technology today enables us to ensure the properties we are selling reach every part of the country and indeed the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but as wonderful as technology can be we are determined never to loose the human touch. Through our link with Mayfair Office, a London based specialist marketing office, we benefit from a strong network of more than 450 associated offices worldwide, keeping us at the forefront of estate agency across the globe.

All of the team live in Torquay, our office has been located in Wellswood since we started business. This enables us to have an extensive and in depth knowledge of our local and surrounding areas, our insight invaluable to you, sharing our experience of a seaside lifestyle in one of the UK's most beautiful coastal areas.

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John Couch

Reading the Market


It has been a trying two years since the Brexit referendum. No market likes uncertainty, and the property market is no exception. It is hard to think of an event in recent memory that has fostered so much worry and confusion over such a prolonged period.


However, as we (hopefully) reach the Brexit endgame, we can see some welcome signs of regeneration from opposite ends of the market.


At the lower end, tax changes have significantly affected professional landlords. However, it is an ill wind that blows no one any good. Across the UK many first time buyers, benefiting from low interest rates, help-to-buy schemes and, frequently, the bank of mum and dad, have filled the vacuum created by those leaving the rental investment market.


Tax changes have also affected the top end of the market. The tax on foreign buyers, especially in London, has had an adverse effect. The capital has seen a dramatic drop in property values over the past three or four years with the knock-on effect that fewer central London sellers have been moving out of the capital for lifestyle reasons.


However, there are now clear signs that London is on the rebound. The fall in the value of the pound and a readjustment in sellers price expectations have brought investors back into the market with force. So London sellers are once again planning their escapes, and they are filtering through to the middle market property sector in areas outside the capital.


It would seem that Brexit is not necessarily deterring active buyers in all sectors, as a great many of them are focused on some great opportunities. We understand this only too well. As a firm, we have always concentrated on the opportunities that economic, legal, personal and social changes bring for clients.


It would be foolhardy to try and forecast how the market will react in the months ahead. We are estate agents, not clairvoyants. However, two things are very certain in the post Brexit epoch, there will be excellent opportunities for both buyers and sellers, and we will be there to steer clients through this period - whatever happens to the market.



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Well you could be in Torquay where we have one of the only coastal zoos in the country. @PaigntonZoo… https://t.co/8kOwJxT1Bi

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Lovely to talk to you too Mike - a true property professional. https://t.co/YsNtkQ9IFw

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